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Travel and Fitness

This blog comes from Mike Manning. He is a fellow fitness enthusiast, posi-core  yogi who writes some really thought provoking, knowledge-dense articles on his blog: This is a perfect blog for everyone trying to stay fit on the road. Learn Mike’s favorite fitness tips that will help you stay healthy during your travels!


Tips for Travel- Squeezing in Time for Fitness

Travel and fitness don’t always play well together. The stress and changing routines of travel don’t always provide great opportunities for sticking to a regular exercise regime. If you’re traveling with companions, the difficulties can be compounded by the need to accommodate the wishes of others in the group. Before leaving on any trip, take a little time to make some choices on how best to get exercise during your travels.

  • If you belong to a gym that has locations across the nation or the world, check to see if there is one where you will be traveling. You might be able to get accommodations nearby and make time to hit the gym for a quick workout each day during your stay.
  • Check out local running trails. Especially if you enjoy running while at home, a morning run each day of your stay can help you focus and prepare for whatever activities or meetings await you.
  • Take moments on your flight, upon arrival, during breaks between meetings and whenever else you have spare time to stretch or do a few basic yoga poses. This will help you stay grounded and improve circulation.
  • Remember that something is better than nothing. Workout for a few minutes if that is all you have. This study shows that a quick workout is better than none.
  • Travel with a workout band or other portable equipment that will help you workout in limited space wherever you go.
  • Use fitness facilities and in-room amenities at your hotel. This may include a weight room, in-room yoga or aerobic videos, a pool where you can burn some calories or walking trails on the premises. If possible, book accommodations at the hotel that best suits your fitness preferences.
  • Take the stairs instead of relying on elevators in your hotel or at convention centers.
  • Get out and walk rather than driving or taking public transportation.

The best advice I can give is to do a little research beforehand. On my most recent trip, I made sure to research the best hotels where I was going. I found a travel review site and read all about the best hotels in San Francisco. I made sure to choose one that was in a location where I could easily go outside and run. I also made sure that the hotel I chose had a gym that I could use at any time.

Staying fit takes work. Just because your routine is different doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to stay active. A little preparation can go a long way when it comes to traveling and exercise.




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