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Insult to Injury Part 1

Life lesson #1: Stop running long distances if you have a torn ACL!

One time I met up with a potential client at the gym, and during our assessment session he told me he had an injury. In this case it was a torn ACL that he had gotten from running long distance.

This seems to be a relatively common injury, so I figured I’d share one of my experiences with you guys with the hopes of preventing further insult to your injuries if you have any.

A torn ACL can be very serious. The Anterior cruciate ligament is vital for proper movement/stability for the knee. Since you use your knee every time you walk to and from work, have a seat on the couch, or run, injuring this ligament is NO FUN! If you hear or feel a popping sensation, or you feel not-so sturdy/wobbly in the knee, chances are you might have a torn ACL.

Strengthening the muscles like the hamstrings (back of the thigh) and quadriceps (front of the thigh), as well as trying to stay off of your knees as much as you can is the best way to treat a torn ACL WITHOUT surgery.  Surgery, however may be necessary depending on how severe your injury is.

Hopefully, with “conservative management” (the non-surgical treatment of this injury), your ACL will be close to 100% in a few months.

“A few months? Brah, I’m not waiting a few months to run again.”

Yes, I know this isn’t your ideal time frame to heal. I know you were hoping for an instant cure that would take seconds to magically repair your torn ACL, but think about it…

You can either be patient to totally treat your injury, or say something idiotic like “No pain, no gain” and totally destroy your knee by trying to exercise through the pain leaving you with permanent damage to a very important joint in your body by continuing to do strenuous activity on an injured body part!

Start off slow. Don’t slap on your Nike’s and set the treadmill to 10mph and go all out the very first day you feel like you’re ready for a run.

Walk first. If you can handle a SOLID STATE CARDIO session where you are walking briskly at a steep incline for a long duration of time, then maybe the next time try jogging, then MAYBE running. And definitely take more time to recover in between your work outs.