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Implement the Overload Principle to Your Workouts

This blog entry is dedicated to the people playing Hanging With Friends on their phones while they think they are burning a ton of calories on the recumbent bike. This is also dedicated to the men and women who listen to an entire Kanye West song in between their sets. I would also like to dedicate this to the guys and girls who stop doing their push ups once they reach 10 reps even though they can clearly do another 10 reps. YOU AREN’T WORKING!

Here is how you get stronger: Push yourself to the max.

This is how you lose weight: Push yourself to the max.

The people I mentioned above are not implementing the Overload Principle to their workouts and therefore will not be getting optimal results! Don’t be that guy/girl!

Muscles only reap the benefits of strength training when they are forced to operate beyond their comfortable limits. The weights you lift, the reps you do, and the sets of reps you do should all be increased from time to time to keep challenging your muscles.

Your heart is a muscle too you know… If you’ve been running at the same MPH for a month going the same distance every time you run, you need to up your speed to work your heart out more efficiently!

Flexibility is a crucial element of fitness too! You must stretch your muscles to the point of tightness and hold for 30-60 seconds in order to gain flexibility results. Don’t break the hold until your 30 seconds per muscle group is up! I know you may not love stretching as much as me and all my yogi friends out there do, but full body mobility is very important. No one want’s to grow up and walk like the Tin Man.

Also, don’t take too much time off from your workouts!

If you don’t USE IT, you LOSE IT!

Muscle atrophy will occur in a few months after you cease to workout. This Reversibility is every gym goers worst nightmare. This is when your gains start to decrease!

You must keep exercising. You must make fitness a part of your life. Don’t become old and feeble… Become old and stronger, old and faster, old and sharper…

Don’t ever get to the point where you are out of breath by the time you reach the top of one staircase. Don’t get to the point where you need to think about how you are going to get up from a chair.

I’m not talking about aesthetics, I’m talking about using weight bearing exercises to increase bone density, joint stability, and overall improvements in every day functions!

STAY HEALTHY! – Your favorite New York City trainer.


Don’t Plateau!

Plateaus are real, and I’m not talking about the top of mount Kilimanjaro!

A plateau in the fitness world means that you stop getting results from your exercise. Plateauing really only happens if you make the mistake of DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU WORKOUT!

Your body is smart. It can adapt to anything you put it through. You must constantly keep your muscles on their toes by changing up your routine. Changing up what you do in the gym does what is known as “muscle confusion” and it actually makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Let’s say all you do is bench press. You are working your pectoralis major muscles (chest) in ONE way and one way only. On your back, and pushing a weight above you.

Sure, you will definitely get results in the beginning of your benching program, but rest assured after about 6 weeks of doing the same thing, you will no longer be adding weight onto the bar, and you will no longer be seeing progress in the growth/definitions of your chest.

It’s like when you play the same trick on your little brother more than twice. Eventually the little guy is gonna catch on, and will get used to your pranks, preventing you from having any fun at his expense until you create a much more different plan of pranking him.

There is more than one way to work a muscle. Since I’m writing this on a Monday (International Chest Day), take the chest for example: Instead of a flat bench press with a bar, use dumbbells. Instead of a flat bench, do your chest presses on an incline or decline. Use cables. Do body weight exercises like push ups. Do clapping push ups. Don’t even change how you work the muscles, just play with your rest time in between sets. Play with the rep speed in which you do your repetitions. I can think of 20 different exercises/variables you can change for your chest!

That example is obviously for strength gains, but lets talk about weight loss. If you are doing cardio and ALL you do is run the same distance every day, guess what? You will plateau!

Don’t just run. Try rowing. Try spinning, martial arts, swimming, basketball, jump rope, etc…

The best way to avoid plateauing, and keep progressing your training is to change your routine up constantly. Me personally, I just straight up get bored with doing the same thing week in and week out so I’m always changing up my workouts. And my clients? Most of them haven’t even seen the same workout program twice and I’ve been training some of them for over 2 years!

If you like a particular workout routine, and you want to keep all the exercises the same every time you come to the gym just to track how many more reps/sets you can do for a particular exercise, 6 weeks is the most amount of time you should spend with that one program. Then, do yourself and your hard earned gains a favor and switch your exercises up!

A word of advice…

NOTHING beats plateauing like working out with a partner. I don’t care if you have someone just to give you a few extra forced (assisted) reps at the end of each set you do, or have someone yelling at you to go faster on the treadmill, or someone pushing you to not stop during your workouts, it is so much more motivating to push yourself to your maximum.

Variety is key. Keep it interesting. Change it up. Push yourself to your maximum. You must implement the overload principle of training! But, that’s a whole other blog entry…