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Strength Training for Women


When I tell a new client that we are mostly going to be doing weight resistance training they all say the same thing if they are a woman… “I don’t want to get bulky!”

Fortunately for you, if you are like most women, weight resistance training will not make you bulky! The body needs massive amounts of testosterone coupled with hours of heavy weight training in order to produce muscle mass.

This is why I do mostly weight training with my female clients: WEIGHT LOSS!

I am a firm believer that weight training produces more weight loss results than steady state cardio. Here is why…

After we are done training with weights to tone your muscles for 45-60mins, your body will be burning calories for up to several hours AFTER our session. That’s a ton of calories your body is burning long AFTER you leave the gym and go on with your day, and that’s not even counting the few hundred calories we’ve burned DURING our session! Not to mention, research has shown that regular resistance training can increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (google it) by up to 15%. So for someone burning 2000 calories per day, that’s a potential 300 extra calories burned throughout your day just from being alive! There is your reward for doing strength training with me. You’re welcome.

When you burn more calories than you consume you are in a caloric deficit for the day, and that results in weight loss. Once the body fat has melted away you will be pleasantly surprised to see beautifully defined and toned muscles that were hidden underneath all that fat! Maybe then you will thank me for all those push ups we’ve been doing.

So, please don’t be scared when I hand you a Dumbbell and tell you to press it over your head 15 times! If you are able to do a set of 15 reps at a given weight I hand give you, then we are focusing mostly on muscle toning, not muscle building. Low weight/high reps = Muscle toning/muscular endurance. If I ever put you under the Squat Rack and tell you to give me 5 reps at 225lbs, then you can make a stink about it.

*If you are an older woman, then I can’t stress weight training enough. I don’t want you to struggle to get from a chair to a standing position when you get older. I don’t want you to lose bone density and have osteoperosis when you get older. I don’t want you to have aches and pains as an older woman from years of no strength training/living an unhealthy lifestyle and I don’t think you want that either. Right? Ok, good we are on the same page. Let’s go lift!