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Maziel A, 35 year old female client

“Before I met Greg I was doing a lot of group classes. I would go to as many as 5 group classes a week and never saw real results with my weight loss. Greg sat me down, told me the proper way to eat and exercise throughout my day, and in 5 months I was down 20lbs! Not only that, I feel the strongest I have ever been.”

Danny D, 29 year old male client

“I injured myself by severely pinching a nerve in my neck grappling in my Jiu Jitsu class. The next morning I woke up and couldn’t move my right arm at all. For two months I was out of commission and out of shape. I was unable to work out in the gym, or at my Jui JItsu class. Most of my strength was completely gone, and above all else, I thought I would never be able to return to grappling.

It was a grueling few months, but after a very specific and meticulous exercise program Greg made for me, I am now benching/squatting more than I ever have in my life, I feel amazing in general, and above all else, I am now tapping out black belts in Jiu Jitsu like it’s nothing!

Isabelle P, 41 year old female client

“When I first came to Greg, I couldn’t even do a single push up. Let alone chin-ups! Now, I am currently doing ‘advanced’ chin ups and push-ups regularly and (not to brag) folks at the gym regularly compliment me on my strength. My core is the trimmest it’s ever been, and at 41 years old I can honestly say I have never felt this fit in my entire life!  Not to mention that Greg is a lot of fun to work with.  Even after 2+ years he keeps it interesting and I continue to feel challenged every week.”

Alejandro V, 34 year old male client

“When I started working out with Greg I was getting close to 200lbs, which is a bit much for someone 5’8” in height.  In about 4 months working out with Greg I lost 35lbs and went from 29% to less than 18% in body fat (still dropping).  Greg goes beyond the workout sessions with good eating tips and cardio recommendations.  Also, he really takes the sessions seriously and doesn’t let me slack off or procrastinate with endless chat as I used to with other trainers… I feel like I get my hour’s worth every time.”

Mark A, 51 year old male client

“Soon after my 50th birthday I scheduled a 23 day, 175 mile hiking trek up to 18,500′ in the mountains of Nepal. I must say that after training with Greg for the months leading up to this trip I realized I was stronger than I had ever been before and knew I could last longer on this hiking trip than any other hiking expedition I had ever been on. The 20 something year-olds I was with had trouble keeping up with me! While everybody else was stopping to catch their breath or heading back to the base camp, I was still pushing on. I returned home safe and sound, and went yacht-racing the very next weekend!”


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